January 2, 1998
"... we'll be getting up early."


Up at 6:30 to prepare for the flight home. Packed, loaded car trunk to the gills. One suitcase zipper failed so I stopped at WalMart for tape and rope to hold it together. Drove into Towson, MD, to see a few houses and Goucher College, Steph's alma mater. It's a beautiful town and campus. The riding arena had several students going over jumps with a teacher.

Then we drove on to BWI Airport. After returning the car we had a couple of hours to kill, so we went up to the observation deck where the Smithsonian had an aviation exhibit.
There were various airplane parts throughout the area: a landing gear assembly, cross section of a fuselage, tail section, engine front with turbofan, cockpit, etc.


Finally we made it to the plane. Stops in Jackson, Houston, Phoenix (change planes and eat dinner) and finally San Jose. Arrived home at about 1 a.m. Saturday. Fetch, the dog, was ecstatic - jumped all over us and ruined Jane's clothes. Then bed. The kids have football and basketball games this Saturday, and we'll be getting up early.


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