December 17, 1997
" is a very cheap plane."


Hi! My name is Logan. I am about to take the long trip to Washington D.C.


We had our usual mad rush getting packed and out this morning. The dog knew something exciting was happening, and rushed about madly. After stops to mail gifts to the Forrests, buy gas, and get money, we got onto Highway 1 at about 10 am. Stopped at Safeway in Morgan Hill for food, since SouthWest Air doesn't serve real meals.

After all our hurry, the flight was delayed, and we started worrying about the rental car. National Car Rental closes at 1 am, and we are going to be cutting it close. In addition, our flight stops in LA, Phoenix, and Nashville on its way from San Jose to Baltimore, so there will be lots of opportunity for more delays.


I am on the plane to Washington D.C. then to New York to see my grandma for Christmas. I am very excited. On the plane we have to make several stops to: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Nashville, and then finally Baltimore.


This morning my dad gave me a new watch. We drove to the San Jose Airport. We went on a airplane to Los Angeles. We stayed on the plane. We next went to Phoenix, AZ, Nashville, TN, and finally, we got to Baltimore, MD. Then we drove to a Motel 6.


We are here in the airport boarding our plane. The stop we go to is Los Angeles. On this airplane we only get peanuts for a snack because it is a very cheap plane. We are landing and my ears are really hurting so my mom tells me to yawn. That is not working so my dad tells me to open and shut my jaw and that will make the bubbles in my ears pop. There is a big crowd boarding for the next stop to Arizona. There is a man sitting next to me. He just told me his name. His name is Carol. He flew to L.A. this morning from Arizona and is now flying back. We are now landing in Arizona and my ears are hurting again. The flight attendants here are switching with the other ones. Here come the snacks! On the other flights we only got peanuts for snacks this time we have a whole box full of things. We have a Nutragrain bar and a napkin. Cheese, crackers, and sausage. Yuck. My mom and I got ginger ale for our drinks. The view is lovely. We see patches of color the clouds above the ocean look like icebergs. It is getting very dark and I think I am going to go to sleep now because Washington time is 9:26. Good night. I will get back to you in the morning.

It is not morning yet but we have just landed in Nashville. We are in the air. My mom and I are playing cards. There is a Man named Ozzy and we are taking about what has more things to see. 168. Sorry that was the answer to how many hours in a week. Got to go we are talking about my personal favorite subject. We are now landing in Baltimore. My brother and my sister are finally leaving Ozzy alone. We have landed in Baltimore it is really late. My mom tells me to run. It was hard but somehow I managed to work my way up to the top of the line from the back out of the airplane and race down to the luggage carousel. When my mom got there she wanted to know why I went before her and I told her it was because she told me to run. Turns out she wanted me to run out into the aisle so nobody else could pass us. (there was a couple people behind us). My sister got the first suitcase off the carousel, my brother got the second and third, and I got the fourth one. We are bringing the suitcases up to the rental car. These suitcases are very heavy. We are in the car it is a very cool car. We are here at the hotel. It is hotel 6. It is time to go to bed. In the morning I am going to do lots of fun and exiting things.


Nashville was quick. We were back in the air about 11 p.m., and arrived in Baltimore at 12:25. I ran to the rental counter. After picking up the car, I went back to baggage claim to pick up the rest of the family and the baggage.

We drove down I-95 a few miles to exit 15-B and Motel 6. It's now about 2:30 a.m. and we're winding down. Channing is fussing about the snack machine, and then about the sleeping arrangements. Tomorrow we visit Colonial Williamsburg.

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