"...we did not really do anything exciting..."




Today we slept late. I didn't get up till after noon. We spent most of the day lying around, reading, and watching TV. The kids think that Grandma's wheelchair and cane are great toys. They run all over the house with them. In the afternoon, Jane and her dad went clothes shopping at some deep discount stores. They bought a lot of kids' tops, but couldn't find many pants. Later Jane and I went to the shops on Central Avenue, and bought Christmas gifts for the kids. Channing and I took a drive down to the end of Broadway and back, doing math the whole time - mostly division problems.




This was another rest day. Nothing happened until the evening, when everyone but Jane's dad went to Uncle Buddy's house. We got there at about 8, and stayed till 10. Jane and I hadn't previously met his wife, Barbara. Buddy has a rec room in the underground space next to his garage, with pool table, ping-pong, and other games. The kids stayed there most of the evening while Jane, Grandma, and I stayed in the study. I showed Buddy how to transmit photos by email, and installed Photoshop 3.0 on his computer.


On December 22, 1997 we went to Uncle Buddy's house. I went into his basement and played pool and ping pong. Then we went back to Grandpa's house.



We are going to go to New York for 2 ½ days and we did not really do anything exciting except for going to Aunt Barbara and Uncle Buddy's house. Aunt Barbara is my mom's aunt, and Uncle Buddy is my mom's uncle. Today is Tuesday, and it is the first day of Chanukah. We were going to go to Manhattan, but is way too cold and it might hail so we are just going to stay home today.


On December 23, 1997 we went to Woodmere Park. We went there to play basketball, but the courts were closed. So we had to play basketball on the monkey bars.

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