"I got presents."

December 25, 1997


The next day was Christmas. I got presents. I got a radio and a camera and a motorcycle kit and a stapler and a gigapet and a Ace Ventura video game. At night time on Christmas we went to Sherwood Diner and I had hot chocolate and played the juke box.


For the next several days, we did little writing and no photography.


December 26, 1997


We spent most of the day at the house. Late in the afternoon, Channing and Rev got bored, and decided to walk to Central Avenue. Then Logan decided to follow them, and I joined her. I was worried at Channing and Rev being out by themselves, and I didn't think Channing would know the way. Partway there, I called Jane to tell her they were out. She was worried, so she and Grandpa started searching the neighborhood in the car. When Logan and I got to Central Ave., Channing and Rev were just coming out of Starbuck's with hot chocolate, and chocolate bell-shaped candy. Logan and I went in and also bought hot chocolate, and had just started back, when Jane and Grandpa drove up. All three kids and I walked back. Both ways we saw lots of men and boys walking to shul. Rev thought they were Amish, because we'd seen a TV movie about the Amish a few nights before. Later that evening we took the kids ice skating in Bellmore.


I went ice skating in two places, Rockefeller Center and in Nassau County in Long Island. I do not remember the name of the place. It had a fire place, snack bar, locker room, and bathroom. This place was an indoor ice skating rink.


The next day we went indoor ice skating.


The next day was a Friday, the day before the big party we're giving. We went to a cafe for hot cocoa, then back home for the day. My grandpa taught me a poem. It goes something like this:

One bright morning in the middle of the night,

two dead boys began to fight.

A deaf policeman heard the noise,

and came and killed those two dead boys.

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