It was snowing ...
December 27, 1997


The next day Uncle Michael and Aunt Stephanie came over, and my sister cooked the food. Then Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Michael brought us to Ka Bee Toys. I got a giga pet and a Ace Ventura video game. Those are supposed to be my Christmas presents.


Then finally it was Saturday, it was a mad house. We had to get the ingredients for the food I was making because I was the chef that night. The people who were coming were my Aunt Stephanie and my Uncle Michael. When it was time to eat everyone loved my cooking because I got a cook book for Hannuka. When it was time for them to leave it was snowing and there was tons on the ground everywhere. I was very excited. All of us got our jackets on just as they were leaving. We also got to pick out any presents we wanted. I got two big bears that were $20.00.


Channing's dinner was a big success. Breaded sole, a delicious rice dish, salad, and Stephanie's vegetable casserole. By the time dinner was over there was perhaps ½ inch of snow on the ground, and right now (10:20 p.m.) it's still snowing. Rev and Logan are outside playing. Earlier all three kids made a tiny snowman. Right now Channing, Jane, and I are watching Casablanca.



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