December 28, 1997



The next day Grandpa brought only me to Burger King.


Last night we visited my dad's friend. He met her over the Internet. Her name is Leezy, but when my parents told me about her I thought her name was Lazy. We put on a show for her, we played on her computer, we ate dinner. I used her exercise thing for 10 minutes, and we talked.


Then we went to Lezzy's house. We went and had dinner. I played on the computer and did a play.


In the evening we visited Leezy and Henry, and saw some of Leezy's new zone-plate photographs, and some digital composites. Leezy is a photographer and teacher whom I met in AOL's photography chat room, and Henry is her husband. Leezy always seems to have a new and unusual way of making photographs. The zone plate has a look like nothing else - not exactly pinhole, but not exactly lens, either. The composites were B&W images inserted into photographs of elegant interiors. Couple, shown here, is an example. The kids choreographed and performed a dance for us.

Couple, B.H. Cutler used by permission.

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