December 30, 1997
Good Night!



We are leaving for Pennsylvania. We had a lot of packing to do. But we got it done. We are at the hotel that we are staying. We are staying at Hotel 6. We always stay at Hotel 6 when we go on vacation where family does not live. We are looking at brochures to see what we can get done for the two days that we are staying here, in Pennsylvania.

Wait I almost forgot to tell you about what we did in Manhattan. We are driving to Manhattan so my mom is going to go to my uncle's shop because he owns an eye shop. My mom did not only get her glasses fixed, she bought a new pair of glasses.

Me, my brother, my sister, and my dad are going out for pizza, but I am just getting ravioli. My uncle is very nice. He gave us a magnet, a tattoo, a keychain, a toy third eye, and a gooey ball that sticks to everything.


Finally we headed out in the dark, across Central Park and through Jane's old neighborhood, to the West Side Highway, through the Holland Tunnel, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and south on I-83 to exit 18A and Motel 6.


Good Night!

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