Technical Notes

Most of the photographs were made on Kodak E100s film. Since I was not just photographing, but also herding kids, I wanted a reasonably small camera bag. I carried one Nikon FM2n, 20mm, 35mm, 85mm, and 135mm Nikon lenses, and an SB-24 flash. A couple of zoom lenses would have covered the same range, but with smaller maximum apertures. I thought about bringing a small tripod, but didn't, as it would have been a nuisance when trailing after 3 energetic kids. I found myself using the 20mm lens a lot; fully half the photos were taken with it. In retrospect, I wish I'd done a few things differently. Layout would have been easier if I had made more vertical images. A tiny table-top tripod would have been useful. And I neglected to bring any fast film with me. Next time I'd bring perhaps two or three rolls of 400 speed or faster film.

After a lot of editing, I scanned the selected photos on a Nikon Coolscan II, then did color-correction, cropping, etc. using Adobe Photoshop. I scanned a few of the kids' journal pages on a UMax Astra 610S flatbed scanner. In the year I've taken to do the job, both scanners have become obsolescent. Then I used Adobe Pagemaker to assemble the components. Paper copies are printed on an Epson Stylus Photo color printer.

The type is Times New Roman throughout, with the exception of the front cover, which is set in Nueva.


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