Vacation 1997
Our Trip
To Maryland
And To Virginia
And to Washington D.C.
And To New York
And To Pennsylvania
And Then Back Home Again

Rev, Logan, Channing, Jane, and Bill Tyler


In December 1997 the five of us travelled to the east coast. We visited Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, New York City, and parts of Pennsylvania. Before leaving, I bought four blank books: one each for Channing, age 10, Logan, age 9, Rev, age 8, and me, age unknown. We would keep journals of the trip, make photos, and assemble them into a work of magnificent proportions when we returned home. Jane, my wife, age also unknown, but much much younger than me, would provide editing, encouragement, trip planning, and a sense of adventure.

As we learned, it's easier to think about writing than to write. After the novelty wore off, the kids had to be persuaded to work on their journals. The best method was example. If I started to write, they would imitate me. When we returned, I typed all four journals into the computer, corrected some misspellings, shuffled it into chronological order, and cut a bit. Then I scanned a bunch of trip photos, and electronically glued them all together. You're looking at the result. It didn't turn into great literature, but we had fun doing it.

Copyright 1997, William, Jane, Channing, Logan, and Rev Tyler.
Couple image Copyright B H Cutler, reproduced by permission.

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